IMAGINEERING is the blend of imagination and engineering. If we adopt the way inventors think and sprinkle a little imagination we will be able to generate truly creative yet practical solutions. At Imagineering we simplify the complex through the use of the TRI-MID® and generate truly creative ideas through CREATIVE TONING®.  The result is that you are able to generate creative, innovative ideas that are right for your business, your market and/or your business.


THE TRI-MID® No brand exists in isolation. It is owned by a business, managed by its people and offered to a market to be chosen by its customers and consumers. The Tri-Mid® is a model that covers all the critical areas of any business. It has three faces – one for the business, one for the market and one for the brand. To manage a brand successfully, all three faces of the Tri-Mid® must be brought into balance. The Tri-Mid® allows you to adopt a total business approach to marketing. When used as a checklist it will ensure that all audiences are considered when developing any brand activity. When used as a strategic tool it will bring new perspectives and interpretations to your existing thinking.

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CREATIVE TONING® Traditional idea generation tends to be about free thinking with no constraints. Anything is allowed, nothing is criticised as this is deemed to stop the flow of ideas. Essentially it is taking you down the path of least resistance. Creative Toning® takes a completely different approach and is diametrically opposite in fact. It is about being as constrained or restricted as possible – not physically but mentally. It will take you down the path of most resistance. We need to have a robust structure to get the most power out of our minds, and ironically this pushes us to be more creative when searching for a solution. The more restrained you are the more creative the solution.

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