Innovation, whether it be brand, market or business, is about thinking INSIDE the box, NOT OUT. People are at their most innovative when they work within the constraints of what they already have. Brainstorming is all well and good and fun, but does not necessarily generate truly creative, practical solutions – this is because the ideas are created in the absence of context.

For many, traditional idea generation is about brainstorming. But let’s think about it. You are faced with a problem, and through brainstorming, you start to consider solutions – but these are really only conventional solutions, not creative. Ideas come automatically because you are recalling similar problems that have been solved in a similar way. As ideas flow they are actually moving further away from the problem you are trying to solve – the spiral outwards. And as you continue on this spiral route, the speed with which ideas come to mind gets slower and because we feel we have to exert more energy we think we are being creative – we are thinking outside the box.

However just because we are thinking harder does not necessarily mean we are being more creative.

Its time to change. How about thinking INSIDE THE BOX? We believe that the most creative solutions are actually located far closer to the root of the problem. And so in brainstorming we are actually directing our energy on ideas further away from the problem we are trying to solve.

So to address this, CREATIVE TONING gives you a mechanism that will restrain your thought patterns. It will give you a framework to ensure your efforts are truly focused on solving the problem in hand and through this mental restraint will ensure that the ideas generated are both more creative and more relevant. INSIDE THE BOX THINKING.